Irkucchino been found in a water trap

PHOTO : TASS / “Irkutsk today”


Irkutsk oblast is in distress. The water level rose nearly two times higher than the critical point. Whole villages go under the water. Tonight in the region there has arrived President Vladimir Putin, the correspondent of “MIR 24” Anna Bazaikina.

This is not speculation, confirmed figures. The water in the city of Tulun rose to 12 meters. Despite the fact that the critical level of 7. Tulun became the epicenter of the floods. Geographical situation does not leave a chance. The river Ia as the loop goes around the city. When the rains, people are trapped.

Under water now, five districts – Nizhneudinsk, Taishet, Tulun, Nizhneudinsk, and Zima. Forecasters warn that the situation may deteriorate. In the coming hours predict heavy rains, so the water level in rivers can rise again.


Local residents second day building dams of sand.

Some settlements of the Irkutsk region for several days surrounded by water. 15 bridges damaged, flooded 200 km of roads. In the disaster area more than 10 thousand people. No escape even in the high-rise buildings. And cottages water flows washed away one after the other.

Flood affected areas visited by Vladimir Putin. The President’s trip to the Irkutsk oblast was not planned. The President returned from the G20 summit in Japan. And decided to personally assess the situation on the ground. At the airport of Bratsk he held an emergency meeting.

“We need immediately, literally today to start payments to affected citizens. The government has already made an Executive decision – you want the money before people came to each person, to each family. You need to take under rigid control a situation with the prices of essential commodities and not to the speculators and unscrupulous traders the opportunity to profit from the suffering of others. Please now, without delay, draw up a plan of action to restore the property to complete this work as quickly as possible. We understand, we know the situation in the Siberian regions, including the summer is very short, winter comes quickly, and the flood is not yet over, the water did not come down. When going to build? Time is very short” – said the head of state.

Rescuers now thrown in the evacuation of residents. Boats all day, cruising the flooded streets and trafficked people in safe place.

Help ready to provide all regions of the country. For example, Tula oblast invites children from the affected region in camps. In other cities to collect humanitarian aid.

In the flooded Sochi residents, no matter what, and saved hundreds of Pets. Had time to raise them to the roof.

The water goes in the neighboring Krasnoyarsk Krai. There on the tracks to stop the movement of vehicles.