Is it dangerous to replace medication cheap analogues?

Опасно ли заменять лекарства дешевыми аналогами?

Scientists have spoken, is it dangerous cheap counterparts to replace the original meds. An important question in light of the fact that copies of original drugs account for 85%.

Опасно ли заменять лекарства дешевыми аналогами?

According to experts, the so-called generic versions are not as thoroughly tested as the originals, so they are much more affordable, but the effectiveness of these drugs have questions. Expert Vadim Tarasov spoke on this account that the development of innovative drugs on average cost about two billion dollars, which lasts for several years. The very same pharmaceutical company has to it rights with the patent term to 25 years. The realities are the same, the development reaches the consumer only after 10-15 years when completed all preclinical testing. Ultimately, the manufacturer remains for profit for about 10 years. After the end of the protection, other companies are able to create the same medicine, given the fact that they will be known only to the formula in the patent. Prepared of the same composition and the matching circuit synthesis find it is not possible to determine what takes a lot of effort and time, added the expert Anastasia Khrustaleva.

“It is believed that to create copies of original products is extremely simple, it is far from the truth. We operate several units. For the development of a drug takes an average of up to three years, and before starting it is mandatory for the bioequivalence study is the comparison with the original,” said Anastasia Khrustaleva.Appropriate tests are not conducted on humans and animals, where we study the distribution in tissues and liquid nail Polish remover, the rate of absorption and excretion cheap drug from the body. All figures must match with the original, was continued by Vadim Tarasov. In that case, if there are differences, the generic is not recognized as an analogue of an expensive part.

“Experts done a great job, so in our market there are no poor quality cheap products. They are not inferior to expensive counterparts, which are sometimes hundreds of times cheaper”, — concluded Vadim Tarasov.

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