“Is protected”: Morales flew out of Bolivia to provide him with political asylum in Mexico

«Находится под защитой»: Моралес вылетел из Боливии в предоставившую ему политическое убежище Мексику

The life and health of retired Bolivian President Evo Morales are out of danger, said the foreign Minister of Mexico, Marcelo Ebrard, placing a post on Twitter with his photo on Board a government plane. The authorities of this Latin American country provided the Bolivian ex-leader political asylum. The Morales expressed his regret at having to leave their homeland, but promised to return. Confidence in this scenario was also expressed by Nicolas Maduro, accused the U.S. of organizing a coup in Bolivia. At the same time Donald trump called the events an important signal for the authorities of Venezuela and Nicaragua.

A retired Bolivian President Evo Morales flew to Mexico, where he was granted political asylum.”Brothers and sisters, I will fly to Mexico. Thank you for the selflessness the government of this brotherly country, which gave shelter to save our lives,” wrote Morales on Twitter.Information on movement of the former Bolivian leader said the Minister of foreign Affairs of Mexico, Marcelo Ebrard. He posted on his Twitter a photo with Morales on Board a government plane.”According to the existing international conventions, he is under the protection of Mexico. His life and health beyond danger,” wrote Ebrard.According to Morales, he’s annoyed at having to leave the country “for political reasons”, but promised to return “with even greater force and energy.”The former President called on people “not to plunge the country into violence” against those who seek to destroy Bolivia’s legal state. He stressed that the crisis should be resolved through negotiations.Morales also expressed their gratitude to the members of a trade Union of Coca leaf producers of the tropical part of Cochabamba, who hid it after the announcement of the resignation.”So I spent the first night after he was forced to abandon the post of President because of a coup d’etat, which gave Carlos Mesa and Luis Fernando Camacho with the help of the police,” reads the caption to the picture.In Bolivia permitted the chewing of the Coca leaf, but prohibited the production of drugs from these shrubs. During the presidency of Morales, who himself in his youth was engaged in the cultivation of Coca increased the acreage planted with these plants.We will add that in social networks there was a video in which protesters burst into the residence of the former President of Bolivia in Cochabamba and built there a pogrom. Thus, despite the resignation of Morales, riots on the streets of Bolivian cities has continued, with the result that has been evacuated members of Parliament discussing the situation in the country.Police in the capital La Paz said that they cannot cope with the situation and requested assistance from the military. The head of the Armed forces of Bolivia Williams Kaliman has agreed to the use of soldiers in police operations against looters, stressing that these actions will be proportionate. At the same time, he pointed out that soldiers will not shoot at civilians and called on the people to peace.Care of Evo Morales as President of Bolivia has not led to the stabilization of the situation in the country. With him resigned from…10 Nov Evo Morales has announced his resignation from the post of President of Bolivia for the normalization of the situation in the country, which is complicated, since the October 20 elections, the results of which he was re-elected for a fourth presidential term.Along with 60-year-old politician from their posts took almost all the top leadership of Bolivia. On Tuesday, 11 November, is expected an extraordinary session of Parliament, which will be approved, who will lead the country to presidential elections. It is expected that the acting head of state will officially become the second Vice-speaker of the Senate Jeannine Agnes Chavez, representing the opposition party “Social democratic movement”. She’s the oldest in the positions of existing civil servants.”We have a calendar of elections, the population asks to Jan 22, we had the President-elect. We will make every effort to achieve this,” said Agnes.
“Begins a new phase of the Bolivian revolution”
12 Nov 23:00 GMT will begin an emergency meeting of the permanent Council of the Organization of American States (OAS) on the situation in Bolivia. On the eve of Russian Deputy foreign Minister Alexander Pankin discussed the events with the Ambassador of the Republic Hugo Villarroel Sensano.The Kremlin also urged the Bolivian political forces to remain calm and seek resolution through dialogue.”We expect that all members of the international community, including the countries of the region, will show a responsible approach and restraint. It concerns including the neighbors,” — said the presidential aide Yuri Ushakov.Bolivian President Evo Morales and a number of other representatives of the country’s leadership resigned due to ongoing…the resignation of the President of Bolivia, Evo Morales was a turning point for democracy in the Western hemisphere. This opinion was expressed by head of the White house Donald trump. According to him, the United States is admired by the people of Bolivia, demanding freedom, and the armed forces of the Republic, protect the Constitution, not exclusive of one person.”These events send a strong signal to outlaw regimes in Venezuela and Nicaragua that democracy and the will of the people will always prevail,” said trump.Meanwhile, the Venezuelan leader Nicolas Maduro has again called the events in Bolivia events a coup, for which — as for all others that occurred in the region over the past 100 years, the U.S. is responsible. He also expressed his willingness to give his life to protect Bolivia and Evo Morales.”This is not the end. Begins a new phase of the Bolivian revolution. I am sure that Evo will be back,” said Maduro.

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