Isabelle Boulay aux Francos de Montreal

Isabelle Boulay aux Francos de Montréal

Isabelle Boulay will offer an unprecedented show for the 32nd Francofolies de Montréal, which will take place at the Quartier des spectacles June 12 to 20, next.

In “Interpreter”, Isabelle will offer, version of piano voice, a “journey to the heart of the songs that have made him embrace the profession of the interpreter”, to let know the Francos, on Thursday.

The appointment is given at the Théâtre Maisonneuve of Place des Arts on June 19, 20-h.

The Francos have also announced benefits of several other artists for the next edition of the festival. Thus, Vincent Delerm, Lefa, Féfé & Leeroy and the spectacle of the national School of the song, with Andréanne A. Mallette, as a special guest, in addition to the programming 2020, which already included the names of Marie-Pierre Arthur, Alaclair Ensemble, Bleu Jeans Bleu, Alexandre Poulin, Bernard Adamus, Diane Tell, Catherine Major, Evelyne Brochu, Jacques Michel, Laurence Jalbert and Philippe Katerine (with Lydia Képinski in the first part), and many others. We go to the for more details.

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