Israel has created a new missile-invisible “Rampage”

В Израиле создали новую ракету-невидимку «Rampage»

News of Israel today 11.06.2018: Two giants of the Israeli defense industry – Israel Military Industries and Israel Aerospace Industries is in the final stages of developing a new missile of class “air-ground” Rampage (“Rampage”).

Rampage is a equipped with a rocket engine 4.7-metre long projectile weighing half a ton, 150 pounds of which is the warhead. It is designed to launch combat aircraft within 150 kilometers from the target, being invisible to enemy detection and interception.

Last year IMS and IAI conducted a joint test in which Rampage has demonstrated its efficiency.

On the Assembly line of rockets,”invisible” will be available in the next year, and, most likely, they will equip the aircraft of the IDF — they are suitable for most modern military aircraft, including in service with the Israel F-15, F-16 and F-35. Pre-use against anti-aircraft installations, headquarters, warehouses and logistical bases of the enemy.

The representative missile and space division of IAI Boaz Levi claims that it will cost two-thirds cheaper than similar missiles.

Among other characteristics of the rocket Rampage – the ability to control the size of the fragments, which makes it kick more accurate and minimizes side damage. IMS and IAI is called the ratio of this relatively large range of the missiles the most significant advantage of its development.

The warhead is able to act with a GPS system that will allow you to apply it both day and night regardless of weather conditions. Disadvantage of this system is its fragility. In this case the missile was equipped with the optional navigation system. In addition, the Rampage will have two types of warheads, including bunker-busting.

One potential buyer at Rampage is already there, however, IAI did not disclose it.

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