Israel is the third early elections: time is running out at midnight

Израиль идёт на третьи досрочные выборы: время истекает в полночь

Benjamin Netanyahu and benny Gantz. Illustration: Reuters
A few hours remained before the expiration of the deadline, even when it is possible to prevent the automatic dissolution of the Knesset (Parliament) of Israel and the new, already the third in less than a year of the election. If at the last minute is not going to happen something completely unexpected, at midnight between the 11th and 12th of December, Israel will begin the countdown to the third early elections. The day before, by mutual agreement between the two largest parties in the country, was submitted the bill to dissolve the Knesset XXII convocation, together with an estimated date of the new election — March 2, 2020, according to Wednesday news portal Ynet.

According to local political commentators, in the last days, there was no serious attempts to stop the fast moving train of new elections. In the air a feeling that the die is already cast and the election cannot be prevented. None of the parties was not prepared to be flexible. The Chairman of the center-left party “Kajol-Laban” benny Gantz asked the leader of right party “Likud”, the current Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to publicly waive immunity from prosecution — the head of government is the main accused in several cases filed against him of corruption investigations.The Chairman of the party “Our house Israel” (NDI) Avigdor Lieberman, in turn, refused an offer by Netanyahu to create a narrow government. The leader of Yisrael Beiteinu said that he was interested only in establishing a broad national unity government.

The leaders of the largest parties on the eve continued to bicker with each other, with or without. Ganz has published 10 Dec video in social networks with an appeal to Netanyahu. “Declare publicly, as you promised to do before the last election that you’re not going to hide behind parliamentary immunity and will go to prove his innocence in court, he said the Prime Minister. — It is impossible to turn the Knesset into a safe haven for suspects. Do the necessary step so we could find a solution and to form a government”.

Netanyahu responded a short time later, directing the Ganz own call to “stop the political stunts”. “80 days later, it was time that we sat together, in the name of all Israeli citizens, and seriously discussed the possibility of creating a broad national unity government. It is not too late to do”, — said the head of government.

However, immediately after mutual appeals to our senses, to the Knesset was filed a bill to dissolve Parliament, which was signed by representatives of both major parties — “Kachol-Laban” and “Likud”. Today, 11 December, the draft law will be submitted to a vote. In the case that will be filed at least 61 votes in the Knesset XXII convocation will announce dissolved, and new elections will be held on March 2.

Recall, 17 July in Israel held early parliamentary elections, the second for the current year after the result of public voting on April 9 in the country failed to form a coalition government. At the end of September of the election campaign “Kajol-Laban” and “Likud” again scored in partnership respectively with the left and right parties that were held in the new composition of the 120-seat Knesset, required for the formation of a coalition government, the majority, 61 seats.

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