Israeli scientists have found an innovative way to clean the seas

Израильские ученые нашли инновационный способ очищения морей

Israeli scientists from Haifa and Karmiel are working on a unique project to clean up the sea from plastic and the simultaneous reduction in the number of jellyfish.

The fact that in recent years the number of sea of jellyfish off the coast of Israel greatly increased due to the increase in the average temperature of the water. Contact with these sea creatures can lead to significant burns that raises concerns among tourists.

On the other hand, despite the filtering of urban waste, micro-particles of plastic waste falling into the sea. These granules are not able to digest epatica in the stomachs of marine animals and cause enormous damage to fauna and the ecosystem of the seas.

Scientists recently discovered in the mucus secreted by jellyfish, microparticles of gold. According to existing theory, in the same way you can select and microscopic granules of plastic from the slime of the sea jellyfish. Now jellyfish will be able to perform as a living filter to clean water from the plastic and be of great benefit to the environment.

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