Israeli strikes on Gaza after rocket fire on Israel

Frappes israéliennes sur Gaza après des tirs de roquettes sur Israël

The israeli air force has struck in the night of Friday to Saturday of the positions of Hamas in the Gaza strip in retaliation to rocket fire towards Israel from the palestinian enclave.

The exchange of fire taking place in a context of growing tension at the approach of a key deadline on the project of ” annexation by Israel of parts of the occupied west bank.

Friday night, two rockets were fired from Gaza into Israel, without causing any injuries. The emergency services have stated that the sirens had sounded in the area of Sderot, an israeli village located a few kilometres from the palestinian enclave.

In the aftermath, the jets of the fighting the israelis have struck “factories” for production of ammunition and rockets in the South of the Gaza strip, said Saturday the army.

Security sources in Gaza confirmed to the AFP air strikes in the area of Khan Younis, to the south edge of this palestinian territory of two million inhabitants.

The last firing of rockets from Gaza against the jewish State since the palestinian enclave dates back to the beginning of may.

Gold Thursday, the military wing of Hamas has warned Israel against his project of annexing parts of the occupied west bank, which would be tantamount to a ” declaration of war “.

“The resistance considers the annexation of the west bank and the Jordan valley as a declaration of war against our people and we will ensure that the enemy in biting the fingers (…) “, said the spokesperson of the Brigades, izz al-din al-Qassam brigades, Abu Obaida.

These declarations come in a climate of fear at the approach of an expected decision by the israeli government on the implementation of the american plan for the middle East.

The latter provides for the annexation by Israel of the Jordan valley and settlements in the west bank, occupied palestinian territory by the israeli army, as well as the creation of a palestinian State on a territory reduced.

The palestinian leaders of the Fatah secular power in the west bank and Hamas in Gaza, have blasted the plan, as denounced by the UN, the Europeans and the arab League.

In recent years, Hamas and Israel battled three wars (2008, 2012, 2014). Despite a truce in recent months, the two sides clashed, on occasion, with rocket fire from Gaza and air strikes in retaliation of the israeli army.

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