It became clear why people become dog lovers

Выяснилось, почему люди становятся собачниками

Swedish scientists from Uppsala University have discovered why some people become dog lovers. To do this, they studied the genomes of about 50 thousand twins, reports

The researchers studied the effect of small mutations in the genes on social behavior of people. Experts explained that to identify him from the twins easier, since the genomes of monozygotic brothers and sisters are completely identical.

As a result, they were able to establish that the tendency to the establishment of dogs among men half associated with mutations, and among women – 60%.

To identify the specific gene responsible for the dog, the Swedish experts was not possible. The scientists intend to continue research, having obtained the genetic material of people who lived in the period of domestication of the first dogs.

Earlier, British scientists from Liverpool University have found that having a dog can significantly reduce the risk of premature death of its owner. Through the Pets physical activity can exceed the recommended figures four times.