It became known about the secret weapon of Angelina Jolie vs brad pitt

Стало известно о тайном оружии Анджелины Джоли против Брэда Питта

As told by one of the girlfriends of Angelina Jolie, the actress is ready to use the tool to apply it until recently, considered unacceptable. Was the last most difficult years of her marriage she kept a secret diary. And now she’s ready to announce it to the court to seek advantage in litigation with brad pitt for child custody in their favor.

As reported by a friend of Jolie, an actress for more than three years are recorded in your diary of all the incidents that have occurred with pitt. It “depict” it’s all his drunken antics and scandals, quarrels with her and the kids. For example, the actress described in her diary the scene of the quarrel in an airplane (the family was returning from France in the fall of 2016), which was the last straw that broke the patience of the actress. The decision to betray his record of transparency Jolie, of course, not from good life: the question of the responsibility of custody of children is still not solved. But if you had Angelina had no doubt that she will get sole custody, and brad only visitation rights, but now, after recent court decision, she began to doubt it.

Recall that last month, pitt asked the court, complaining Jolie, who wanted to permanently take the children to Britain, where she starred in the sequel “Malificent”. And the judge ruled in favor of brad, demanding that the actress gave him the opportunity to see more of the children. As was officially stated, “depriving children of the right to communicate with one of the parents may damage their psyche…” and then Jolie was obliged to observe a strict schedule of visits pitt with children. Moreover, brad was even granted the right to take the children with him to the U.S. where he is currently filming Quentin Tarantino. In light of these developments, Jolie feared that the final decision on guardianship can be made against her. And decided it was time to trot out the “heavy artillery”.



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