It became known as Poland gave the Ukrainians a visa in 2018

The Polish foreign Ministry announced that by 2018, the Polish consular offices in Ukraine issued by residents of Ukraine 876 64 thousand visas.

Стало відомо, скільки Польша видала українцям віз у 2018 році

Polish consular offices in Ukraine to 2018, issued to Ukrainians in General, 876 64 thousand visas, of which national – 97,2%, the Schengen 2.8 per cent. This was announced by the Polish foreign Ministry, informs Rus.Media.

Most visas in 2018 issued a Consulate of Poland in Lviv – almost 278 million (31.7 per cent). In addition, in Lutsk issued approximately 179 thousand visas (over 20%), in Kharkiv – more than 145 thousand visas (16,6%), in the winery – almost 130 thousand visas (14.8 per cent). Least of all visas issued by Polish consulates in Kiev – more than 87 million (almost 10%) and in Odessa – more than 57 thousand (6.5 per cent).

The failure rate was 3.4% (about 31 million) of the total number of filed visa applications.

Compared with 2017 the number of visas issued in Polish consulates in the past year decreased by approximately 240 thousand, in particular due to the introduction of 11 June 2017 visa-free regime for short trips of Ukrainians in the majority of EU countries, including Poland.