It became known as Putin responded to the departure of the national team of Russia of the 2018 world Cup

Стало известно, как отреагировал Путин на вылет сборной России с ЧМ-2018

The President of Russia Vladimir Putin after the defeat in the quarterfinals of the 2018 world Cup called the chief coach of the Russian team of Stanislav Cherchesova.

“Putin was looking. Ill. We have lost in a fair beautiful game. But for us they are great. Heroes. They died on the field. We are proud of them!” — quotes “Interfax” the press-Secretary of Putin, Dmitry Peskov.

Later Cherchesov said that the head of state made the call, expressed his support for the players and thanked them for the beautiful game.

“Putin called in the afternoon, we talked for a few minutes. Now he also called me and congratulated with a good game, as we showed and proved”, — said the coach of the Russians.

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