It became known as really coffee affect your blood pressure

Стало известно, как на самом деле кофе влияет на артериальное давление

Sooner or later, every coffee drinker think about how consuming soft drinks affects blood pressure.

About it writes the edition “Magicforum”.

The experts analyzed the necessary data, the results of which told about what happens to the body resulting from the consumption of coffee.

As it turned out, this refreshing drink has several side effects: it increases the speed of the heartbeat and makes a person nervous. The culprit in this situation caffeine.

With regard to blood pressure, it is increasing because of coffee is minor and short term. After about half an hour after drinking the pressure returns to the original indicators. To such conclusion the German scientists.

Experts do not recommend too carried away coffee. Safe amount of this beverage per day for an adult is 400 mg of caffeine, and the dose should not exceed 200 ml.

Doctors gave the advice to coffee drinkers is to eliminate the use of black tea, chocolate and other energy drinks and products with the aim of reducing the negative impact of caffeine on health.

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