It became known as the changed product prices on the “index borscht”

Стало известно, как изменились цены на продукты по "индексу борща"

Onions and carrots. Now the prices of these vegetables are encouraging, especially remembering the spring rates. You can buy them for 5 hryvnia.

Cabbage. Fell in September, and this vegetable. He will ask for 8 hryvnia.

Tomatoes. Given that this is a summer vegetable, now the price is considerably more – about 30-35 UAH.

Meat. Of course, the most expensive in the Borshchiv set. A kilo of pork ribs on the market today, you can find over 85 hryvnia.

Thus a pot of soup in November, Ukrainians will cost 15 UAH for less than a couple of months ago.

We will remind, it became known what changes will experience the Ukrainians because of the budget for 2020, including what happens to food prices next year.

According to the economist and analyst Alexey Doroshenko, the growth of prices for food products in Ukraine is stopped. This is due to the fact that the negative factors that influenced the country exhausted. A positive development that will significantly affect the cost of food, is that the state regulator has lowered the interest rate of the NBU.

We have previously reported, Ukrainians should prepare for increasing gas prices. This winter the price of gas for the population could rise to 20 percent.

“Naftogaz of Ukraine” announced an increase in November, natural gas prices for the population and other consumers is 14.7% – that is, 626,24 UAH compared to the price last month. The lawyer, Michael Schneider, this will entail rise in price of heating, hot water, and eventually food.

“The Ukrainians are unable to pay even the present rates, the debts of communal billions of hryvnia, and these guys still stubbornly and aggressively raise prices,” – said Schneider.

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