It became known, from what married men under stress

Стало известно, от чего женатые мужчины испытывают стресс

Scientists have found that the most common cause of stress in men is a high-income wife. If a wife initially earning more, the stronger sex do not feel any negative emotions. About it reports the UNIAN. no.
Researchers from Britain decided to conduct a psychological experiment and find out how men relate to different types of earnings their partners. The study was conducted for 14 years. It was attended by 6 thousand men. Thus, scientists came to the conclusion that men is very important to feel important in a marriage to earn more than the wife.

“When men earn less than their wives, they suffer psychologically”, says study leader, psychologist Joanna Sarda from the University of Bath in the UK.

The strong floor is very important to feel powerful, that he brings more money into the family.

According to psychologists, men do not experience stress, remorse, when the wife earns only 40% of the total income. In addition, if the percentage of contribution to the family budget the wife increased, the husband begins to get nervous, worry that it is losing influence in the family.

So, for the past 14 years, it was found that the percentage of women who earn more than their partner is growing every year. This trend is observed due to the fact that ladies do not want to depend on men’s wallet and live more freely.

It should be noted that suffer large earnings of their women, partners only the case that over the years of marriage is changing and the role of men as the “breadwinner” is pushed to the side. If the income of the wife was higher initially, then for this reason man does not experience stress.

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