It became known, how will the new electric MINI

Стало известно, как будет выглядеть новый электромобиль MINI

MINI has revealed sketches of its new electric car, which will go on sale in 2019. This model will be released in honor of 60 anniversary of the British brand.

The first electric prototype MINI introduced ten years ago. They are, incidentally, later served as a model for the company BMW, which launched BMW i3.

In the coming years, the British car brand owned by BMW, will create a few electric vehicles. Sketches one of them already shown to the public. However, they depict just a part of the future of the British electric vehicle (grille and wheel). To be honest, there is nothing new we have not seen. For example, the wheel shown in the sketch is almost identical to that on the MINI Electric Concept, whose official premiere took place last year.

Стало известно, как будет выглядеть новый электромобиль MINI

“MINI is an urban brand. Therefore, it is logical, if it will produce electric vehicles. We want our electric cars combined tradition, our history, and advanced technology,” said Oliver Heilmer, chief designer at MINI.

From the words of Helmer it follows that the electric MINI will combine the traditional design elements of the brand and modern elements. In our opinion this is absolutely the right approach. We are looking forward to when debut serial MINI E.Стало известно, как будет выглядеть новый электромобиль MINI

The first electric car, the MINI will go on sale in 2019 (at least in the beginning of 2020). It will be timed to the 60th anniversary of the brand.

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