It became known that in Russia, like the West

Стало известно, за что в России не любят Запад

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MIA “Russia today” said on the question of whether Russian media brainwash its audience with anti-Western propaganda. And if so, what.First briefly about the main thing. The study “Octopus-1.1” conducted by “Russia today”, is the second this year. In the first part, about which we wrote in October, analyzed the media publications of the “Big seven”, she generalized the West about Russia.Then the results were pretty sad: it turned out that the mainstream media of the free world, Russia do not like at all. Positive materials about Russia was two percent and negative 25 times, 50 percent. Especially we do not like the media of the United States, where the freedom of speech, 90 percent of publications about Russia were negative and only 0.2 per cent — positive that there is only one five hundredth part. And the most Russophile country was Italy, where abusive pugatelnoe publications on Russia was twice more than praise the positive.
After this, the researchers turned to the Russian media — TV, radio, Newspapers and Internet resources. Studied as a quasi-loyal and conditionally opposition media (conditionally because the degree of proximity of the media to power in Russia, few correlate with his official position, and often fierce opposition to be part of the upper pools).
We studied the materials for the first half of 2019, all dedicated to the same countries “the Big seven”.Revealed something very unexpected.Namely.In Russia, where, as you know, is in a state of anti-Western propaganda, and no freedom of speech — positive in the countries of the collective West categorically, at times or even by orders of magnitude, superior to the Western figures in Russia.Again: media about us G7 50% negative 48% neutral and two percent positive.The Russian media about the G7, and 71% neutral, 24 percent of criticism and negative, five percent positive.The most vivid comparison.The US media about Russia: 90 percent negative. The Russian media about the United States: 30 percent negative. American praise for Russia: 0.2 percent. Russian praise of the United States: two percent. A bit, of course — but still ten times more.Italian media outlets about Russia: 13 percent positive publications with 25 percent negative. The Russian media about Italy: 14% of positive posts while seven percent negative. That is, we praise each other with Italy about the same — only we criticize them four times less.
And in General: for some it will sound surprisingly, but in the media Russia, with its fierce anti-Western propaganda, no country is generally not portrayed mostly negatively. Even the USA, the UK and Canada, where positive about Russia applies to “psychologically unacceptable” publications, Russian media tell mainly neutral or positive.A logical question arises. If in Russia there is no freedom of speech and the state enforces hostile anti-Western propaganda, then why the hell are the results of the Russian media in the context of Western show, where more pluralism?Answer here, as it is easy to understand, maybe two.First: the West is just objectively good and Russia is evil. Therefore, we simply have nothing nice to say, but the West is bad.It’s an interesting explanation — but only if Russia is evil, why would the media be “objective”. They could easily come up with Western villainy out of thin air: they write the same British “the times”that Putin is the enemy of seals.

The second variant of explanation: Russia today — the country is not anti-Western. She’s just selfish. And its media viewed all around the world strictly from the bell tower of national interests.If you just exaggerate, it is a kind of remake of the world, when Russia was seen as a “raw material appendage of the West.” Now in the eyes of the Russian media Italy is a tourist appendage of Russia, the US is a cinematic game-an appendage of Russia, Germany — automotive, UK — music, Japan, anime and so on.
On the list of Russia’s most popular media it is clear that, except for very very emergency and sensations, inner personal life of foreign countries, our media does not care.The most popular theme of the United States — their history with the “possible intervention of Russia in election”.The most popular topic about Britain — their Brexit, which also accused Russia and Skripal, which accused Russia.About Germany, bilateral relations and Ukraine.About France — bilateral relations and “yellow jackets” with Notre Dame.About Japan — the story of the peace Treaty.About Italy tourism.Paradoxically, almost all “Western propaganda” in the Russian media sphere — it’s just information ricochet. That is a paraphrase of the anti-cries in its, Western, political life. Of course, these cries (and dragging behind them and the threat of sanctions), the Russian media do not like.But enough of a country to behave not that friendly, but just at least not to go in the forefront of anti-whistleblowers — and the Russian media will refer to her quite smoothly. Proven by Canada and Germany.
From all this, by the way, should one unexpected conclusion.Between today’s collective West and Russia actually has deep ideological chasm. In the sense that the collective West today is full of progressive ideology to the eyeballs, and Russia — no.Therefore, Western agitprop of the totalitarian United against the damned corrupt Russian imperialists, oppress the gays. And Russia is the extent of the corruption of Western gays just don’t care.Russia wants to be left alone.Victor Marakhovskii

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