It became known, what specialists are in demand in Moscow in five years

Стало известно, какие специалисты будут востребованы в Москве через пять лет

In Moscow in the future five or six years will be in high demand by professionals in the field of Finance, IT, Telecom, creative industries, including designers of virtual reality. About it have told in Department of economic policy and development of the Russian capital, RIA “Novosti”.

“Now the most popular and therefore paid profession in the Moscow financial sector, IT, Telecom, creative industries. In the future five or six years, this trend will continue, which is confirmed by not only our, but also foreign independent study,” – said the Agency.

It recalled that a recent study was conducted by Microsoft, covers the most in-demand jobs of the future. In a list of ten specialists includes designers, experts in the field of robotics, artificial intelligence and the Internet of things, as well as biology, medicine and ecology.

As for low-paying specialties, the average salary at woodworking factories, in light industry and in construction companies is below the average. This total is less than workers earn in cafes and hotels – about 46 thousand rubles per month.

If we consider the individual sphere of labor in Moscow, we can safely assume that in five years, salaries in the IT sector will maintain an increased trend, according to the expert of the project “data Bank of wages,” the company HeadHunter Olga Dmitrieva.

“In recent years we have seen positive growth in the sectors of logistics, Finance, and electronics, which also occurs due to active development of these markets,” she said.

Meanwhile, in the statistics of “Mosgorstat” says that most in Moscow are given to those whose profession is associated with the oil market – 518 thousand rubles. Second place was taken by the specialists for the production of cement and gypsum – 245 thousand, and the three locked IT specialists – 162 thousand rubles a month.

According to experts, after 5 years the hardest on the Moscow stock exchange labour will have experts in the field himproizvodstva, industrial equipment, in the field of services and tourism. In addition, risks remain unclaimed will rise in sectors with a high potential of automation and related professions performing simple operations.