IT-companies of North Korea around the globe creating a system of facial recognition, data encryption and VPN

Companies associated with the government of North Korea, secretly develop and sell a variety of software around the world. This is the conclusion reached by the authors of the report published by the Center for non-proliferation studies James Martin (James Martin Center for Nonproliferation Studies), the largest non-governmental organization working on issues of nuclear proliferation.

IT-компании Северной Кореи по всему миру создают системы распознавания лиц, шифрования данных и VPN

Production of IT sector of North Korea is not covered by international sanctions, although in 2017 unilateral restrictive measures on the DPRK in this area imposed by his decree the President of the United States Donald trump. At the same time, the report said, because of the intangible nature of services IT sector these sanctions is easy enough to get around.

Companies hide their relationship with the DPRK government by creating a chain of intermediary organizations, mainly in China, Southeast Asia, Africa, and Russia: formally, the end-sellers of IT technologies are irrelevant to Pyongyang, and the authorities of the aforementioned countries are often not too interested in the investigation to establish the ultimate owners.

The products manufactured by these companies are extremely diverse — from software for data encryption and VPN technology to scan the fingerprints (they are buying Chinese companies and the Nigerian government) and programs for face recognition., the Company associated with the DPRK, earn and on more simple things, such as creating business management systems or traditional web sites for millions of corporate customers around the world.

From affiliated with Pyongyang structures revealed numerous clients in the West: from small private companies in Europe to “at least one influential defence companies in the country-the ally of the United States” and American elementary schools and law enforcement agencies. The report’s authors Express a concern that in fact, so Washington and its allies indirectly can pay for the nuclear program of the DPRK, including from taxpayers.

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