“It ended there”, tells the story of Tony Accurso

Photo: Ryan Remiorz, The Canadian Press
Tony Accurso is part of the 37 people arrested by UPAC in relation to a system of collusion and bribery at Laval.

Despite a search of the Unité permanente anticorruption (UPAC) to its offices, the former construction entrepreneur Tony Accurso supports never have asked for more explanations to the presidents of his companies to the result of the visit of the police.


“In October 2012, the UPAC perquisitionne for seven hours in your offices. Confront-you have your ceos, you ask them, “what is that ?” “asked the Crown prosecutor, Mr. Richard Rougeau, the former owner of the firms Louisbourg and Simard-Beaudry.


“I met ms. Rochon [the lawyer for Mr. Accurso], it has been state documents they were looking for and told me that the police have taken what they had to take,” replied the accused, 66-year-old.


“And your presidents of companies ? “she said to Me, Rougeau. “I said, “Are you aware of something ?” and they said, “no, No, no”, replied Mr Accurso, adding that ” it ended there.”


Me Rougeau was then suggested to Mr. Accurso that in the aftermath of the search, he had continued his life as if nothing never was “. “It should,” said the contractor.


End of the testimony


Mr. Accurso has completed his testimony Monday at the trial in respect of its participation in a system of collusion and corruption in the awarding of public contracts in Laval. He was confronted with the search carried out on 11 October 2012 in its offices, on the same day that a police raid at city hall.


The accused 66-year-old has always sworn never to have taken part in wrongdoing. However, he has confessed to, at the very beginning of her testimony, last week, having heard about a possible fraudulent scheme on two occasions, first in 1997, then a second “about” in 2002.


It was his friend Claude Asselin, who was at the time director-general of the Ville de Laval, who questioned him about it, he said.


“Nothing has caught your attention or alertness for all these years ? “surprised Me, Rougeau.


“No,” responded first to Mr. Accurso before stressing that he had interviewed presidents, Joe Molluso (Louisbourg) and Frank Minicucci (Simard-Beaudry), who had claimed not to be aware of nothing.


Mr. Accurso explained last Friday, that it is only after their arrest, in may 2013, Joe Molluso, who is also his cousin, had confessed to their participation in the scheme-sharing contracts. Mr. Molluso is still working for him, he’s the business advisor for his children.

I said, “Are you aware of something ?” and they said, “no, no, No”
Tony Accurso, the former owner of the firms Louisbourg and Simard-Beaudry

Relationship with Vaillancourt


The Crown is also returned to its links with Marc Gendron, a fundraiser for the ex-mayor of Laval, Gilles Vaillancourt. He told under oath that he received $ 200,000 in the parking lot at its shopping centre in Laval. An event denied by Mr. Accurso, who said, also under oath, to have never given money to anyone.


“Have you ever given a lift ? A ride ? ” asked Me Rougeau. Smile, Mr. Accurso replied in the negative. In terms of its relationship with the ex-mayor Vaillancourt, he was described as a ” cordial “.


The trial of Mr. Accurso continues Thursday with the arguments of the defence. Those of the Crown are expected to begin Friday.


The 11 members of the jury could begin their deliberations next Tuesday. Mr. Accurso is facing charges of conspiracy to commit acts of corruption in municipal affairs, of conspiracy to commit fraud, fraud over $ 5000, corruption of officials and breach of trust.


A single trial


Tony Accurso is part of the 37 people arrested by UPAC in relation to a system of collusion and corruption.


Of the lot, 27 have pleaded guilty — including former mayor Gilles Vaillancourt —, 3 died and 6 others were granted a stay of proceedings. Mr. Accurso will be the only accused to stand trial.

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