It expects a return in the fall

Since its debut in the professional, Kim Clavel has had to overcome a few bumps on its road. The cancellation of his last fight is a good proof.

On march 21, Clavel was to be the headliner of the gala GYM to be presented at the Montreal Casino. In his debut with promoter Yvon Michel, she had a strong opponent in front of her.

It was a golden opportunity for her to begin a new chapter of his career. One remembers that it came from an association of two years with Eye of the Tiger Management (EOTTM).

“In everything I did in my early days, it has never been easy,” she says. With EOTTM, my opponent was too heavy. This time, with a GYM, this is the COVID-19, which is melee. “

“Into the void “

With the pandemic that is raging across America, Clavel is well aware that his patience will be sorely tested. A return to the ring will not be possible before several months.

“It is really into nothingness at the present time. We don’t know what will happen. It is not yet known when the Centre Claude-Robillard will reopen its doors, ” adds the boxer of 29 years old.

“I’ve got the impression that there will be no boxing before next fall. “

Boxing fans may have to be patient before we review their favorites in action with what is happening in Canada and the United States. The rallies will be banned for several weeks yet.

Keep in shape

As the majority of athletes, Clavel uses social networks to discuss with his coaches and physical trainer.

“I talk to them often. It was a discussion group on Facebook, and we’re talking particularly with our fitness coach.

“I train every day to keep myself in shape. I am doing the race on foot and the shadow in my living room. I’m also doing weight. I try to keep a fitness base.

“I know that it will hurt my back at the gym. ”

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