“It had laid a balm on my wound” – Alain Côté

«Ça avait jeté un baume sur ma blessure» - Alain Côté

The rivalry between the Montreal canadiens and the Quebec Nordiques, was in full swing during the 1980s. And every time that the two formations clashed, there were sparks.

The attacker Alain Côté remembers very well of the playoffs in 1985. This year, the Nords had defeated the Habs in seven games in the second round.

Review this series from Monday, on the airwaves, TVA Sports.

“I keep a very, very nice souvenir, stressed Side, on Sunday, during the show “Salut, Bonjour! Weekend”, on TVA. This series-there, it had been one of ups and downs. All matches odd, they had won.

“The year before, it had lost against Montreal, but there had also been the battle of good Friday. In my heart, to me, it had left a really bad taste. To win this series in 1985 had laid a balm on my wound.”

During this series, the Nordic were not the favorites, who had finished second in the section Adams, from behind the Blue-White-Red. In addition, the CH had defeated seven times in eight opportunities, the fleurs-de-lis during the regular season.

“We had not had a season to break everything, pointed out one that had been initially drafted by the Canadian during the draft of the national League in 1977. Finally, we had started the series in Montreal. But the series, this is a new season. In 1984, we had won more often against Montreal in the regular season and they had us out of the series anyway.”

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