It happened on December 15th, in Paris!

    It happened on December 15th, in Paris!

    1969 – Opening of a sex education center

    69, erotic year in which pornography was displayed in the streets of Paris, on the fronts of theaters and cinemas, but also in magazines and even more at 7, avenue Georges V where a sexual education center was opened . Every day there are films about childbearing, there is an exhibition of slides and life-size models and even sex counselors who answer the phone.

    2009 – Lies and betrayals

    In the story of PSG, an episode not trivial on the false identity and a lie about the age of the new goalkeeper of Paris Saint Germain, Apoula Edel who replaced Grégory Coupet, it is what we call a ” presumed “, he would have lied about his age, 23 years instead of 27, his former trainer Nicolas Philibert in Cameroon, denounces the goalkeeper Apoula Edel. PSG President Robin Leproux will qualify as “whatever” and will defend his player. Nothing will be proven as to age and false identity. And after three seasons, Apoula Edel will leave PSG for Tel Aviv, Grégory Coupet will return to the post of goalkeeper for Paris Saint Germain. As for Apoula Ebel, he is indeed 34 years old this year.

    2013 – Opening of the Paris-Barcelona line

    A TGV from the Gare de Lyon. Moreover, if it takes you to eat some tapas, tomorrow at 10:14 am, from the Gare de Lyon there is a direct, ticket price 204 euros in seconds and 6:39 later, “buenas tardes una cagna por favor” .

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