It has become known, victims of what cyberabuse become Ukrainians often

From the accounts of Ukrainians kidnapped hundreds of million a year. Last year it was stolen from the accounts of 670 million hryvnia

Стало известно, жертвами каких киберловушек становятся украинцы чаще всего

According to the interbank Association of members of payment systems EMA, most of the money the criminals stole using social engineering methods, that is, psychologically by persuading a victim to confide in and tell of pin-codes and so on.

At the same time decreased the number of “phishing” sites that steal credit card data. Last year, the number recorded 108.

Cash traps (trays cash) recorded last year 191, and in 2016 – 817.

Cases of skimming (reading the information from the magnetic tape, and then illegal re-issuance of cards) was 113, in the nineteenth year 71.

We will remind, the head of postal and telecommunications Sergey Demediuk reported that the majority of criminals commit crimes while in prison. “A group of swindlers, which we had last had a day more than one million hryvnias turnover. If you give some share of civil servants who are responsible for it, then it is for them easy money,” he said. According to Delduca, criminals have built this whole Empire of fraud. It is known that in the Empire there are even “thieves in law”.

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