It is “clear” that the global economy is now in a recession

Washington | It is “clear” that the global economy is now in a recession, a consequence of the pandemic of sars coronavirus that spread in the world, announced on Friday the general director of the IMF Kristalina Georgieva.

It is expected that a recession is “deep enough” in 2020, probably worse than that of 2009 which had followed the financial crisis.

“We therefore urge the country to step up measures for containment of an aggressive manner”, she said during a virtual press conference. “We can shorten the duration of this crisis”, she added.

The boss of the international monetary Fund expects the same to a recovery in 2021 provided that the governments shall take appropriate measures, and “coordinates”.

“This is a low estimate and a conservative”, she warned.

Moreover, it has also delivered a satisfactory result in the United States who are about to enact a law to provide assistance to more than 2000 billion dollars to households and businesses in the country.

“It is a very welcome”, she responded, emphasizing the need to “cushion” the economic shock to the world’s largest economy constraint such as number of countries to stop the activity of small businesses, such as confining the populations and suspend the overwhelming majority of international departures.

“It is very important for the american people. It is also important for the rest of the world, given the importance of the United States,” she added.

She also praised the fact that this package of aid mass was “well-targeted” because it will strengthen the capacity of the health system and “help the workers and their families to be protected against a sudden loss of income, so that they can meet their daily needs”.

Finally, it protects businesses, particularly small and medium-sized companies, the most vulnerable, but which provide half of the jobs in the United States.

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