It is feared that the aid of home start in a CHSLD

Il craint que les aides à domicile partent en CHSLD

The semi-autonomous who wish to stay at the house for fear of a shortage of help at home, as many may go to work in a CHSLD.

It is the bane of Alain Gaudet, who has been campaigning for years for not living in a CHSLD.

He lives alone in an apartment for over 25 years and the recruitment of staff for its daily care is already difficult.

“We have all the time been left out. It’s going to put a nail in the coffin if ever the salary of orderlies is increased. It is $ 12 difference. It’s going to be impossible to recruit!” says he.

Quebec tries to fill the needs in NURSING homes and will offer$ 26 an hour to the new orderlies. The gap is widening, with the pay for help at home, a work essential, but under-estimated, according to Gaudet.

“I hope we will not have the obligation to go and live in a CHSLD. Because in this moment, it seems to be the only option to find care and services 24 hours. This is not just the fact of being housed, and to have services, but it is to have a quality of life,” he insists.

In the Mauricie region, more than 11,300 people have the support at home long-term, a service that allows you to maintain their autonomy.

For years, Alain Gaudet tries to promote the profession of those he calls “these p’tits anges”. The battle is far from won. He is afraid of being further exposed to the wrong people-meaning if the wages of home care workers remains low. He now hopes to concrete actions by the government to assist the home support.

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