It is finally started!

C’est enfin recommencé!

In setting off for the first time of the season 2020, thousands of golfers across the province of Quebec have finally had the impression, on Wednesday, closer to a normal life after two and a half months of confinement.

Despite the pandemic lasts, the first day of golf in Quebec did forget the last few weeks to the fans of this sport in summer.

The smiles were many, both at club de golf Lotbinière on the South Shore of Quebec city of Boucherville, where The Newspaper has surveyed the many enthusiasts who were looking forward to this decree of the provincial government allowing the practice of several sports to summer, but under strict conditions.

Lisette Moreau and Celine Lallier looking at the way to attack the green.

“When we knew that it opened, we hurried to book. There was almost no sleep a wink last night ! ” declares Celine Lallier, who, with her friend Lisette Moreau, took the start at 7: 20 am Wednesday morning for their first nine holes of the year at the golf de Lotbinière.

And the stricter rules did not in any way detrimental to their experience, are they.

“The instructions are quite easy to follow. It was already prepared and used after more than two months of confinement. Here, I don’t wear a mask, but when I go to the grocery store, I still have it. This was nothing new, ” adds Ms. Lallier.

A few steps of them, Jean-Pierre Asselin, his son Louis-Philippe and his wife Lucie Lavoie had just finished their first nine.

Their score ? Of no importance. The golf course is there, and that’s all that mattered to those fans of the small ball dimpled.

“We were really looking forward to it. My wife and I have been off work since the 13th of march, so I have to say that we had very eager to play outside a little. The temperature is perfect and the field conditions are very good in spite of everything “, stated Mr. Asselin.

Judy Laviolette and Michel Gosselin were eager to get out their sticks.

No fear

Despite the opening of the majority of golf clubs across the province, the pandemic is far from over and this is why the rules remain strict.

However, the golfers surveyed by The Journal have preferred to trust to the measures taken by the golf courses, rather than be swept away by the fear of contracting the virus.

“I had no fear. A hit on the field, everything was OK. We didn’t talk about COVID-19-morning. It was a round as usual ! ” said Normand Nadon after his part in Boucherville.

“It is rare that the guys stick together ! No one knocks never right anyway ! And it does not prevent us to highlight our successes “, added the as Guy Ménard a little further.

No “19e hole” !

A first golf day under a blazing sun : one would have to believe that all the elements were brought together Wednesday for the first day of golf.

But not quite. The majority of golfers interviewed recognized that it lacked one thing only to their happiness, Wednesday : a cold beer at the “19th hole” !

“This is the side of the platform, said Lisette Moreau. We are going to get bored of the after golf, but you can’t have everything ! At least, the golf is back. ”

Actually, and with the government’s announcement on Wednesday to outdoor gatherings of 10 people or less starting Thursday, it is hoped that several courses rear-will turn into 19th hole over the course of the next few weeks.

– With the collaboration of François-David Rouleau

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