it is “nearly 10% of the heroin seized in France”

    it is “nearly 10% of the heroin seized in France”

    The figure is staggering: 42kg of heroin! Investigators have just discovered in Hayange the equivalent of “nearly 10% of the heroin seized in France since the beginning of the year”, according to the Public Prosecutor of Thionville Brice Partouche. The Mosellan who was arrested bought hard drugs in the Netherlands, to then sell it.

    115,000 euros in cash and an automatic pistol

    At his home in Hayange, the Thionville Research Brigade and the Metz Research Section found, in addition to heroin, 4 kilos of cocaine, 17 kilos of products intended to cut drugs, 115,000 euros in cash, 4 vehicles and an automatic pistol. The suspect, a 32-year-old man, was indicted and imprisoned.

    Investigators “cracked” the codes of an encrypted messaging system

    Those are IT experts from the Gendarmerie which made it possible to trace it back to him, by “cracking” the codes of a Dutch encrypted messaging system, “Encrochat”

    Since June, these digital investigators have helped bring down major drug networks. In September, 17 people, involved in an international network, were arrested in the Netherlands, Belgium, Spain, Hungary and Slovakia.

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