It is necessary to happen! Sable hat and coat aged Natasha Queen beyond recognition (photo)

Netizens go crazy.


Треба ж такому статися! Соболья шапка і шуба зістарили Наталю Корольову до невпізнання (фото)

Natalia leads an active and rich life, so her name often appears on news and entertainment portals. And that’s okay, because for the life of a star of this magnitude watched by thousands of fans, reports Rus.Media.

Recently Natalia had gathered for a festival “song of the year” which will pass in German Dusseldorf. While still in Miami, the actress decided to play it safe and warmly dressed for the trip to Germany to avoid.

44-year-old singer recorded a video message to fans in which he gave greetings from Germany and was called to come to her concerts.

But the comments were not discussing the words of the actress, and her appearance. The fact that Natalia spoke to the fans, wearing the sable coat and the same hat.

Треба ж такому статися! Соболья шапка і шуба зістарили Наталю Корольову до невпізнання (фото)

And if accustomed to the original images of the Queen fans held their opinions to themselves, or spoke in a restrained manner that some users likened the singer with the grandmother of the Soviet years and noted that the fur Queen is aging.

Треба ж такому статися! Соболья шапка і шуба зістарили Наталю Корольову до невпізнання (фото)

Some noticed that Natalia is not similar to Muscovite, and the grandmother from the village. Others decided that the great singer is going to entertain the local public. And someone flashed a sense of humor, comparing honored the actress with the Director of the deli.

But to the credit of the real fans Natalia Koroleva they immediately rushed to defend your favorite singer, noting his sincerity, courage and self-sufficiency.

“The Incredible Natasha! I loved you with Yellow tulips, a Mermaid, and now just love it! And fur is beautiful, and Natasha in them too!»

“But I like it! It is seen that healthy skin without a ton of makeup!»

But, it seems, the very Queen Natasha the angry comments hurt the same. 2 days later she released a new video where he urged people not to write shit and don’t create a negative. Much better, according to singer, to treat all with love and understanding.

And then with a pop star is hard to disagree. After all, not necessarily evil to speak to the person only for the reason that you don’t like its appearance. It seems, therefore commentators just trying to assert themselves, but then the question arises: “what do they cost?»

We wish Natasha the Queen good health and good spirits with which she invariably appears in public. As well as patience and peace of mind to be less distracted by the angry comments of the haters.

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