It is not necessary to wait for symptoms : Suprun told what to do if you are bitten by a rabid dog

 Не надо ждать симптомов : Супрун рассказала, что делать если вас укусила бешеная собака

“We should not wait for symptoms”: Suprun told what to do if you are bitten by a rabid dog
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In 99% of cases the source of infection be just dogs.

Acting Minister of health Suprun gave the Ukrainians the advice on what to do if you are bitten by a rabid animal. She wrote about this on his page in Facebook.

– Remember that after a bite is not necessary to wait for symptoms! Save yourself the rules. Even if the bite was not to the blood, the saliva of an infected animal could get to scratch, and that’s a direct threat to catch, – is spoken in the message.

What to do if you are bitten by an infected animal:

  • immediately and thoroughly rinse affected area with plenty of soap and water;
  • disinfect the wound with antiseptic alcohol-based or iodine;
  • go to the nearest medical facility;
  • if there is no confidence that the animal was healthy, you definitely need to be vaccinated with the vaccine that are present in all regions of Ukraine;
  • if possible contact the veterinary service of animals in respect of which you have a suspicion on disease, and conduct research that animal.

– If possible it should be placed under quarantine for 10 days for observation. Preventive treatment can be interrupted, if it is confirmed that the animal is not infected with rabies. If the animal cannot be found and to test, you must hold a full prophylactic course of vaccinations, she added.

The official also noted that we need to do to prevent rabies:

  • always vaccinate rabies Pets (dogs and cats).
  • make preventive inoculations, if your work is connected with risk of infection, particularly if you work for a veterinarian, game warden, Forester, in laboratories that work with animals;
  • remember that when the animal bites also infection the causative agent of tetanus. Vaccinations against tetanus are available at the state public institutions.


Rabies virus, a deadly infection that can be prevented by vaccination. People the rabies virus is usually transmitted by the bite of an infected animal, where in 99% of cases the source of infection – dog.

The incubation period (the period from the ingress of the pathogen until the early manifestations of the disease) rabies usually lasts 1-3 months, but may vary from 1 week to 1 year depending on various factors. This means that symptoms of the disease can occur during this period since the bite.

Rabies is always fatal. However, proper and timely assistance to the development of disease gives 100% chance to escape.

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