It is not possible to drink tea – debunking the myths!

Getting up in the morning, many immediately pour myself a Cup of hot tea.

З чим не можна пити чай -  розвінчання міфів!

Getting up in the morning, many immediately pour myself a Cup of hot tea. This drink is invigorating and energizing than coffee. Despite the fact that to produce it began in China and India, tea quickly became popular all over the world. Each nation sought to add highlights. There are many versions of this drink, and each of them has its own taste, smell, sight. Scientists began to study it properties of tea in combination with various additives. And that’s what it became. Debunking the myths

Black tea with sugar

It turned out that the consumption of drink in this form is very dangerous. It contributes to the risk of developing cancer, despite the high content of catechins, which are natural antioxidants and are reducing the level of free radicals. Free radicals – elements that cause cancer tumor. Also, it helps slow the development of diabetes and cardiovascular failure.

Black tea with milk

З чим не можна пити чай -  розвінчання міфів!

Adding in milk tea, you cancel the beneficial effect kahetinov. This is because milk contains calcium, and it prevents the absorption of this substance. In addition, Cahen and calcium interaction form harmful compounds.

Black tea with honey

Exercise is not recommended to add tea to this product. As for honey, the winner of many medicinal properties, at high temperatures of the remedy turns into poison. Such a component, as fructose undergoes oxidation and becomes a dangerous carcinogen. So fans of honey is best to eat it and then drink tea, but in any case, do not add it to hot liquid.

Black tea with lemon

Same opinion about the usefulness of taking a hot tea with lemon is also a myth. Lemon contains large amount of vitamin C, and he, like honey, is unstable to high temperatures. Getting into a hot drink, the vitamin breaks down into simple elements and loses its healing properties. After analyzing this information, the obvious conclusion is that tea is best consumed in its pure form, without adding any additives.

But be careful, because this drink really energizes and excites the body.

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