It is now official: Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin have confirmed the engagement

Теперь официально: Джастин Бибер и Хейли Болдуин подтвердили помолвку

In recent days, news about popular singer and model, daughter of actor Stephen Baldwin not disappear from the news sites: that anonymous sources will talk about how Justin was doing Haley’s proposal, the girl appears in public with an engagement ring. Late last night, all these rumors and pictures and finally received confirmation: Justin publicly admitted to his bride in love. And then she got her answer.

His confession singer “voiced” using a personal blog on Intstagram. Justin posted a romantic black-and-white pictures along with Hayley and accompanied them with the following words:

…Haley, I’m so in love with you! And so I want to spend my life getting to know you with all the love and kindness which is capable of. I promise that our family will become one and every decision we will make together. My heart fully belongs to you, and you will always stand to me in the first place… You make me much better, and we perfectly complement each other. Can’t wait for this new page in my life! It’s amazing how close you all suddenly made sense. And most of all I am glad that my younger brother and sister will now see another example of a strong marriage and relationship.

Some time later, the singer received from his sweetheart the answer: in his Twitter Hayley wrote:

I don’t know what I ever did to deserve such happiness. But I’m so grateful to God that he gave me such a wonderful man with whom I can spend my life with. No words can Express my gratitude.


Recall that 24-year-old Justin and 21-year-old Haley was first spotted together back in 2015, when the daughter of Steven Baldwin went to rest with Justin, his father, stepmother, brother, sister and even grandparents on the island of Anguilla. For passionate kisses in social networks was followed by a break, during which Justin returned to his ex-girlfriend Selena Gomez. But earlier this summer, Hailey and Justin have decided to resume relations, and in early July on the finger of the girl has appeared engagement ring.

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