It is officially the end of school boards

C’est officiellement la fin des commissions scolaires

The school boards are officially become centers of school services, Monday.

Their name has been changed to take account of the reform adopted under gag order by the government Legault in February last.

In addition to the change of name, this act abolishes the office of school commissioner and school trustee elections in francophone environments.

To comply with this transformation, the Federation of school boards has also been officially débaptisée Monday to become the Federation of the centres of academic services (FCSSQ).

By press release, the federation said continue reflection on the place that must take the new service centers in the field of education.

“The last few months have been filled with challenges, throughout the territory. The return to school in the fall also has its share of questions and uncertainties. Service centers, the school will continue to be at the rendezvous for their population,” said Jacky Tremblay, interim CEO of the organization.

Also note that the Commission scolaire de Montréal has become the service Centre scolaire de Montréal on its website. Some of the structures elsewhere in Quebec did, however, not yet updated their name on the web by the end of the afternoon, was able to see the QMI Agency.

At the time of its adoption, the law has raised a number of criticisms of the commissioners and of the opposition parties, who accused the government of wanting to centralize the powers of education.

The minister of Education, Jean-François Roberge, is rather of the opinion that its reform will give more room for the parents in the hierarchy of the school.

The act contains an important exception. In effect, the English will continue to elect commissioners, who have always been much more numerous historically to participate in school elections.

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