It is scientifically proven that you can ease the pain, holding the hand of a partner

Loving and caring touch not only shows that someone is indifferent to you, but also undeniably comforting in difficult times, when you nesbat, or if you feel pain.

Науково доведено, що можна полегшити біль, тримаючись за руку партнера

It turns out that this is the explanation. A recent study explained why the human touch can be so powerful and help as a medicine, informs Rus.Media.

This theory was very interested, and we decided to find out how exactly it works.

As incredible as it may sound, if your partner holds your hand, when you have something hurts – you begin to suffer less and feel less discomfort. It can be called “medicine of love”, and it can cure and help. But let’s find out how exactly this technique works, and explain the mechanism of this easy money, because scientists just don’t claim it as fact, but actually explain how it works touch.

All we need is love and a sincere human touch. Goldstein, a psychologist who studied the power of human touch, found that there is a new side of love and decided to conduct an experiment with his wife during the birth of her daughter. Later more than 20 pairs were tested in the laboratory for one year.

It turns out that just the proximity to each other, even without touching, causes synchrony of brain waves that is more increased, when couples held hands, while the woman who gave birth, felt the pain. Electroencephalogram helped actually measure this activity.

Interestingly, they have discovered another important thing: “it Turns out that the pain interrupts this interpersonal synchronization between the pairs, but a touch brings it back”.

So let’s not be afraid to touch our partner when he or she is experiencing pain. Your healing touch can ease the suffering and even prevent any disease to break the synchronization and communication between you.

You can try this method right now, if you feel pain. Just take your partner and hold her for a while. You may have noticed that your pulse and breathing are synchronized. You may not feel it, but it happens! And it’s not just heart rate and breathing, and your brain waves also synchronize.

You can even double the effect, feeling more compassion for his ailing partner. Calming his expression of feelings, you will achieve even better results. The more you sync, the more this method works. Try it!