It is the hour of the BIM: California ravaged, Weinstein continues to fall, and leader of Amazon laid off

Wildfires in northern California have left more than 30 dead, authorities announced on Thursday 12 October. — AFP

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Fire-murderers in California, the toll goes up to 31 dead

The vineyards burned, houses destroyed, and above all a human toll was very heavy : wildfires in northern California have already been more than 30 people dead, authorities announced on Thursday evening. This is the most heavy toll from the fire in Los Angeles dating back to 1933. The situation is not expected to arrange this weekend, while the weather services are predicting high winds and that homes are far from being circumscribed.

Several thousands of firefighters are battling tirelessly against the flames, with reinforcements coming from all over the country. But the task is daunting : most of 78,000 hectares have gone up in smoke. In total, over 3,500 buildings have been reduced to ashes and, according to the sheriff of the county of Sonoma Robert Giordano, 463 people had still not been located Thursday.

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Without chewing his words, Rose McGowan alleges that the officer and his company to finance ” the rapists, the alleged pedophiles and stalkers sex “. The magnate of Hollywood is the subject of a police investigation in New York and in the United Kingdom. In contrast, no case of rape has to this day been registered, according to the spokesperson of the police of New York.

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Amazon suspended the head of its studios accused of sexual harassment

Roy Price, head of Amazon Studios, ” is on leave with immediate effect “, said a spokesman for the american giant of online distribution. This decision followed an interview given to the weekly by Isa Hackett to the Hollywood Reporter. The producer of the series The man in the high castle (” The Man in The High Castle “), broadcast on the platform of video on demand of Amazon, claims to have received a number of times, during an evening in July 2015, advances on the part of Roy Price, 51 years of age. Isa Hackett, 50 years old, claims to have discussed the behavior of Roy Prince with leaders of Amazon Studios. An investigation would have been launched but she has never known the conclusions.

This accusation echoes the criticisms made on Twitter by the actress Rose McGowan , the president and CEO of Amazon Jeff Bezos. According to it, the company has ignored when it was accused of rape Harvey Weinstein.