It is the hour of the BIM: Léa Seydoux victim of Harvey Weinstein, the “flat tax” controversial and Estrosi wants to turn Wauquiez

The Hollywood sign will soon celebrate its 94 years on mount Lee. — NEWMAN MARK/SIPA

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Scandal Harvey Weinstein : Léa Seydoux and Cara Delevingne reveal they have been victimized by the producer

The great unpacking on the practice of sexual harassment and the hypocrisy of Hollywood continues. On Wednesday, the actresses Léa Seydoux and Cara Delevingne have accused Harvey Weinstein of sexual assault. In a column published in the Guardian (available in French version), Léa Seydoux reveals as well as the producer tried to kiss her, too, denouncing in passing the omerta of an environment tolerant of this kind of abusive behaviour. “I meet men like Harvey Weinstein all the time,” says the actress of 32 years from the first sentence.

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Voting for the “flat tax” on income from capital : The opposition denounces a ” gift tax to the most wealthy “

Meps approved on Wednesday evening in the committee one of the most controversial measures in the budget 2018, the introduction of a “flat tax” of 30 % on capital income, at the end of the debate between the majority and the left as well as a part of the right. Socialists, communists, and Dissenters denounced ” a gift tax to the most wealthy “.

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Republicans : Without the name, but very explicitly, Estrosi, proposing the exclusion of Wauquiez

Its proximity with Common Sense could cost him the presidency to the Republicans ? While he is now officially in the running to take over the reins of the party in December, Laurent Wauquiez is already attacked by the mayor of Nice, Christian Estrosi. The latter has sent a letter to Bernard Accoyer, the secretary-general of LR, that is secured to a journalist at LCI, where even without naming the favourite in the polls, he clearly expresses his desire to exclude it.

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