“It is very significant”, the General explained what is behind the Ukrainian names of Russian troops (VIDEO)

«Это очень показательно»: генерал объяснил, что стоит за украинскими названиями войск России (ВИДЕО)

Vladimir Putin’s decision to give the units of the Russian army Ukrainian names is part of the information aggression of the Kremlin.

This broadcast ObozTV said the former Deputy chief of staff armed forces of Ukraine Igor Romanenko.

“The question is, when he does it and how. Given the fact that Russia wants to participate in the resolution of the Ukrainian conflict, which they call domestic, and in fact, Russia’s hybrid war against Ukraine, they mark the names of the guards units, assign them the names of Ukrainian, Belarusian, Polish and German cities. That is, the person who wants to understand the situation, he sees where the ideology and propaganda of the armed forces of the Russian Federation”, — he said.

According to him, Ukraine needs to counter this by cultivating the tradition of the Cossack era.

“An important part of the hybrid war is information component. She began before 2014, and we see its consequences. I’m sad that one of the Russian tank units has the name Nijinsky. I was born in the beautiful ancient city, it is famous for its Cossack traditions, there was a Cossack regiment and so blatantly they use at a time when they themselves are at war. It is very significant and we need to resist this”, — said the General-the Lieutenant of a stock.

While Romanenko added that huge work in this direction is already done by the leadership of the APU.

“The question is not only the law (on decommunization. – Ed.) but the fact that we have our own ideology, their traditions, Cossack traditions, and we are implementing. Moreover, we have implemented them earlier than Putin did in July 2018. New team, old Ukrainian brigade has received the appropriate name. For example, the king of Galich and so on,” he said.


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