“It looks like a stall”: Russians not happy with vacation in occupied Crimea (VIDEO)

«Это похоже на стойло»: россияне не в восторге от отдыха в оккупированном Крыму (ВИДЕО)

Tourists don’t want to go to the Peninsula, which turned into a military base.

Russians do not like to relax in the Russian occupied Crimea because it is “similar to the stall.” The journalists of the program “Groshi” I found out how many tourists actually come to the Peninsula.

“The Russians have recently realized another dream of Putin — built a bridge in occupied four years ago the Crimean Peninsula. Everything, as always: billions in costs in dollars for the account of the public sector, bombastic opening and the stream of celebratory scenes on TV”, — said in the story.

Local residents are sure that after opening of the bridge on the Crimean Peninsula will be flooded with tourists. However, the Peninsula transformed into a military base, which scares the Russians themselves.

“I’m just in shock. It looks like a stall. No words… Usually, I’m more talking. Inside the bus station has not changed at all,” said hotels in Yalta Russian.

“The strategy of the Russian authorities against the Crimean resort simple — to settle first of all motels state employees from all over Russia, and the private sector now, let “rest”, — said the journalist.


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