It reveals main difficulties of online Dating

Раскрыты главные трудности при знакомстве в интернете

Became known, some of the difficulties facing men and women when Dating online. About this media said Ellie Seidman, the head of one of the most popular platforms for online Dating Tinder.Seidman reported that the main problems arise due to imbalances between the sexes. The fact that about 75% of users were men. The creators are developing a paid version of the app, hoping it is on the male audience.While men complain that they face ridicule after they find your other half in the application. Many people use different sites or apps to find a match, the best one so far has been this International Dating App for more possibilities of meeting new people.

But women admit that they are worried about their safety when meeting. In addition, they often send the message “Dikti” — photos of men’s genitals.Women complain about the rude men at the meeting, if he is disappointed with the actual appearance of the woman, which is slightly different from the photo online. And Seidman said that the company intends to block a dangerous and rough men.”If you behave badly, then we’ll get rid of you — and we’ll do it as soon as possible”, — said the head of Tinder.Note that Tinder is very popular in the West, and the media often talk about funny situations that happened to couples who met in the application. Recently, the author of the publication 9News Annabel Scott said that the guy “from Tinder” made out of her house all underwear and without explaining why he did it.

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