It rises to the top of sales of novels in France

    It rises to the top of sales of novels in France

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    Like every end of the year, in all areas, assessments are made. In that of literature, affected by two lockdowns which forced booksellers to close their doors, for example, some authors are still doing well, according to our colleagues from Actualitté. And, the big winner, is none other than Joël Dicker, with his novel “The Enigma of the room 622”, which despite a release last May, is approaching 500,000 sales (493.205) on December 31, 2020. The Swiss novelist enjoys the luxury of beating the Prix Goncourt 2020, Hervé Le Tellier, who with “L’Anomalie” is in second place with 439,405 copies sold.

    Guillaume Musso only arrives at third place on this 2020 podium with “La vie est un roman”, and just under 400,000 copies sold (396,480). It is still doing better than in 2019 with “The Secret Life of Writers” which had sold 391,000 copies. According to Actualitté, the three authors alone have garnered nearly 29 million euros in turnover.

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    Lignac also on the podium

    Behind this “fantastic” trio, several authors pass the bar of 200,000 books sold, starting with the Prix Goncourt 2013, Pierre Lemaître which sells nearly 275,000 books of “Miroir de nos sorrows”. Leïla Slimani also sells more than 223,000 copies of volume 1 of “La guerre, la guerre, la guerre”. The first foreigner in this top 10, Ken Follett is in sixth place with “The Twilight of Dawn” ahead of Marc Levy and the first volume of the “It Happened at Night” trilogy. Bernard Minier’s “La Vallée” follows in eighth position but under the bar of 200,000 copies sold, just like the second and last foreigner of the Top 10, Elena Ferrante with “The lying life of adults”. Virginie Girmaldi is in tenth place.

    On the other hand, if one takes into account only the pocket books, Guillaume Musso keeps the head with nearly 483,000 books sold of “The secret life of the writers”, in front of a brand new author, Mélissa Da Costa and her novel “Tout sky blue “. All books combined, the cook and pastry chef Cyril Lignac occupies third place with more than 400,000 copies sold of his volume 1 “Homemade”. The two other volumes together total 350,000 sales.

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