It turns out that your handwriting can tell about your health!

Оказывается, ваш почерк может рассказать о вашем здоровье!

As much about the man can tell his handwriting!

It can be used to determine the nature and mood of the person. And more recently you can learn about health!

It’s just amazing how such a simple detail can reveal lots of interesting information!

That is why Polish doctors from the national Institute of health, cooperating with graphologists and psychologists have developed a test that determines the human propensity to various diseases. The subject need only his signature!

So, let’s learn what diseases should we be afraid!

You will need:

— a blank sheet of A4 paper (it was clean, without lines or squares);

— ballpoint pen or a pencil (or gel pen or felt pen is not suitable);

— free time.

Write on a leaf about 10 rows.

After the bridging loans criteria assessment of his handwriting.

Overall assessment of handwriting

All written carelessly — 3 points
Everything is mixed: something neat, something casually — 8 points
Everything is written very neatly — 12 points

How you connect the letters

Most letters are disconnected of each other’s the word — 22 points
Most letters are connected to each other in the word — 18 points

What forces push

Much — 20 points
Medium — 14 points
Weakly — 7 points

Where are you headed-line

Down — points
Exactly and just 11 points
Up — 15 points

What is the shape of the letters

Angular — 18 points
Uncertain — 9 points
Round — 8 points


Right — 9 points
A strong slope to the right — 5 points
A slight slope to the right — 13 points
The strong tilt to the left — 1 point
A slight slope to the left — 4 points

The size of the letters

Large (7 mm and above) — 19 points
Medium (5-7 mm) — 16 points
Small (3-5 mm) — 6 points
Bead (3mm) — 2 points

And now for the results:

Less than 48 points — such handwriting is characteristic of elderly people and those who have severely weakened immune systems.

48-72 points — you often suffer from neurosis. You have a tendency to obesity, allergies, problems with the gastrointestinal tract. Alas, you prefer the sedentary lifestyle that entails appropriate consequences.

72 — 95 points — You are the owner of a stable psyche. You are very often confronted with acute respiratory infections and complain of disturbed sleep. You have a great propensity for problems with the endocrine system and greater risk of heart attack.

95 — 105 points — you complain of high blood pressure. Very often do not listen to the doctor. The tendency to arthritis and diabetes.

105 or more points — you are an aggressive man. You complain of a stomach ulcer and heart disease. Often suffer from addiction to various stimulants (alcohol, drugs, sedatives).

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