“It was a big duty of company to make”

«On a un gros devoir de société à faire»

As far back as she can remember, Sarahmée has always been a victim of racism. And too often, it kills. But today, the singer has had enough. “I don’t leave nothing more to spend. It should stand “, she says.

Sarahmée is not afraid of the words. Anyone who has worn an ear to his latest album, Irreversible, knows very well. And this is exactly the same thing in an interview, where the singer expresses himself with conviction, without detour.

Especially when the conversation deals with a hot topic such as racism.

“People tend to not want to make waves. But it is necessary to speak. It is necessary to denounce, when it is the victim of discrimination when it is witnessed. Over there, you have a big duty to society to do so. Racism exists, and it is the problem of everyone, not just Blacks, Indigenous, Asian, or other. I feel that there is a change at this time. There are important discussions that take place and people are listening “, avance-t-it in interview to the Newspaper.

Indeed. Since the murder of the American, George Floyd last may, the black square, hashtags #BlackLivesMatter, #BLM, and other initiatives viral coming from all directions, causing a tidal wave on the social networks. In the last few weeks, anyone feeling challenged by the question went on his own initiative, eager to join its voice to this global movement.

Positive approach

Sarahmée is part of it. And it is through his song My skin that it lifts a fist, as evidenced by the music video, launched a few days ago. But the approach is different, however : the rapper wanted to put forward a positive message, preaching here and self-acceptance and valuing of difference.

In short, the contrasting images when compared to conventional offensive of the death of George Floyd, relayed to the utmost.

“It is very traumatic to see these images of horror day after day. So in a sense, My skin was a gesture selfish ; I wanted to turn positive images and rassembleuses, images that would make me the property to me. And there, to see that they are echoed by several other people, so it makes me even more “, she says.

These images will make a difference ? May as well be. Sarahmée can only hope. But it is expected that the public works, both in educating that by knowing identify microagressions, which often remain unnoticed, views wrongly as gestures.

An example of this ? The use of the word ” mulatto “, a term pejorative to be avoided and to be replaced by ” metis “. Another ? This right that some give themselves to touch the kinky hair of black women, a move also moved in that surprising, but that Sarahmée see too often.

“We need to be careful. It is the duty of everyone to educate. This is how it’s going to drop the stereotypes and preconceptions that are so rooted that we have lost the reflex to ask whether they are acceptable “, she explains.

Excerpts of My skin

I’ve always been proud of my skin Even when younger, I compared it to the other One plays the proud, but we don’t have the head high to Several qualities, but it is our biggest failure “

Yes my skin made me what I am, It does not disappear in the rain I would change for anything in the world despite what people say I change it for anything in the world though one says “

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