It was touching: the Embassy of the United States knelt in front of the legendary General APU

Было трогательно: в посольстве США стали на колени перед легендарным генералом ВСУ

During the gala reception on July 4, independence Day the U.S. Ambassador in Kiev, one of the guests of honor was major-General Igor Gordiychuk, which lined up wanting to greet him.

About this on his page in Facebook wrote the journalist Yury Butusov, noting that many of those present became before him on knees.

“General after being wounded and nursed in the United States, he studied at the command and General staff College in America. Igor was sitting, and it was very touching to see a series of guests who came up to him and even knelt down,” – said Butusov.

According to him, the reception was attended by representatives of all factions and all centers of influence and intersect and communicate “people who, perhaps, nowhere more publicly among themselves to meet and to exchange views can’t.”

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