“It would be perfect” – Lexson Mathieu

«Ça serait parfait» – Lexson Mathieu

The boxer quebec Lexson Mathieu began his career in professional boxing with eight fights in 2019. And eight times, he came out the winner, amassing seven wins by K. O. as Well, the stops of the activities in the world of sports because of the pandemic coronavirus have slowed his ascension. The 21 year old athlete, however, seems excited to be back racing.

“The fighting behind closed doors, it would be perfect, has mentioned Mathieu, Saturday, during the emission Salut Bonjour Weekend on TVA. I think that people are at ease and comfortable to listen to the fights on television. I don’t think it will affect anything. It is just the two of them in the ring and no spectators, it would not change much to me.”

During the containment, Mathieu tries to stay active, both physically and psychologically.

“Boxing, it is so easy to practice in a corner of a room, only with the “shadow”, a little running, a little imagination, and boxing, it is gone again, said boxer. I studied a lot of boxing with my brother, lots of fighting. We are working on other aspects.”

Even if the boxing is at a standstill, Mathieu still has the same goals in mind.

“In the near future, we aim to be back in the top 15 in the world, has continued one who has accepted a five-year contract with the company to promote Eye of the Tiger Management. Then, the next step will be a world championship fight. Each thing in its time.”

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