Italy: a mayor comes out and reprimands the recalcitrant

Italie: un maire sort et apostrophe les récalcitrants

Mayors of Italian cities have spent a good part of last week to reprimand residents who do not obey the orders of containment while the pandemic rages and kills thousands of people in the country.

Italy is in quarantine since the 13th of march last, but in spite of all, the cases of coronavirus continues to spread rapidly across the country.

Some Italians do not seem to have understood the rule: people roam in the city, gather in parks to enjoy and walk their dogs.

The mayor of the city of Bari, Antonio Decaro, has decided to take things into your own hands and went out himself to get in public places to apostropher the recalcitrant.

A strong gesture that made the rounds of social media.

“Go home, you can’t play ping-pong! You are not authorized to be here, go and play it at home with your consoles and video games”, can we hear him say on the images to Reuters.

Several Italian mayors have done the same thing and have used social media to share their message.

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