Italy stuck for a few hours thousands of cars, tube is about 16 km

In Italy on the A22 motorway, the staff of the emergency services evacuated about 200 people. who stood for hours in traffic because of snow.

В Італії застрягли на кілька годин тисячі автомобілів, пробка близько 16 км

In Italy on the A22 motorway on Saturday, February 2, thousands of cars stuck in long traffic jams due to heavy snowfalls, informs Rus.Media.

It is reported that emergency services rescued about 200 people who are forced to spend hours in cars and buses.

The representative of fire service of the Autonomous province of Bolzano said that the length of traffic jams on the highway that connects the North-Eastern regions of Italy with Austria, which reached 16 km. The number of vehicles that were trapped in snow, it was difficult to estimate, but the account goes on thousand.”

About 200 people were forced for several hours in the tube at a temperature of about zero, after which they were evacuated.

In connection with the bad weather, several heavy vehicles that were not equipped for winter driving, was forced off the road, blocking traffic. Moreover, on Saturday morning in this district on highway avalanche, in that moment, fortunately, there were no vehicles.

According to preliminary information, the traffic managed to recover in the late afternoon, but many machines were still trapped in snow. Information about victims or victims did not arrive.