Italy will not go to Russia for the World cup of soccer in 2018

Photo: Marco Bertorello Agence France-Presse

The time of the international retirement has arrived for goalkeeper Gianluigi Buffon, 39 years old, and after 175 selections.

This will be without them. Without Buffon who will not become the first player to play in six world Cups, without the warriors Chiellini and Barzagli, without the promise Badge, Belotti or Verratti.


Italy has not managed to beat Sweden on Monday in the dam back to Milan (0-0) and it does not play the World the next summer in Russia, never seen since 1958 in… Sweden.


The ticket is then to Sweden without Ibrahimovic, and with extremely little in 180 minutes, found the world Cup for the first time since 2006 thanks to its 1-0 win from the get go.


The whole of Italy, or almost, therefore, will discover next year what looks like a world Cup without ” his ” Squadra Azzurra. This has only happened on two occasions, in 1930 and in 1958, as saying that the memory is pretty fuzzy.


But it is not only in the peninsula that this elimination is going to make a vacuum. Since Italy is a giant of the competition with four titles, two finals and two places in the Top 4.


Italy, however, is already gone in the world Cup, with teams simply average and it is even often very well figured. But not being able to score a goal in two matches to those Swedes just solid is a serious fault.


The coach, Gian Piero Ventura, who has chosen to die with his bad ideas and will have given a quarter of hour of game in two matches to Lorenzo Badge, his greatest talent, there will survive without a doubt not.


But it is the Italy of the football that will now not save a huge reflection on his organization and on his training, even if it seems counterintuitive at a time when the Serie A is significantly better than it was a few years ago.


Tears and desolation


Before the desolation and tears at the final whistle, the atmosphere in Milan was superb and confirmed that the choice of San Siro, which has successfully completed its pre-match, was good.


While the ship milanese trembled, shaken by leaps and howls of more than 70 000 tifosi adores, the Italian players have attempted to do their share of work and toppling the robust 11 Swedish.


They set the pace, a little more in any case than in the away game, played at a slow terrifying. But they were much missed, still, with centers that are imprecise and little play in the shaft despite the efforts of Jorginho.


In the second period, Bonucci has removed the mask that protected his broken nose to go and it is all of San Siro, which has pushed even a little harder.


But Italy, comprehensively broken down since his defeat in Spain in September (3-0), was not marked, and Buffon began to cry. For him, the time of the international retreat is arrival, at 39 years old and after 175 selections. Another huge void to fill.

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