Itchy throat scratch your ear: 12 simple tips for challenging situations

От зуда в горле почешите мочку уха: 12 простых советов для непростых ситуаций

Each of us sooner or later gets into some trouble. You can drink too much and feel overwhelmed, you can stumble and score leg — these moments bring the little joy. But following our simple tips, it is possible to alleviate the effect of any trouble.

Simple tips for challenging situations

Tip # 1. If you had a little too much alcohol and come home feeling that everything is spinning around you — try to change position of feet or hands. It is desirable to find some kind of support — the result will be that the brain will receive a new team. And as of old he was already off, the dizziness will pass quickly. At the same time, it is better to change the position of the hands, because it is more sensitive nerve endings.

Tip # 2. If you want to overcome pain — try a little cough. This is especially true if you are afraid to get tested. In other cases (outside the facility), instead of coughing to swear — it also helps to dull the pain.

Tip # 3. During a conversation on the phone with poor hearing it is better to move the tube in my right ear. The reason is that the left hemisphere of the brain works better in the perception of information. As for the right hemisphere, it takes the better the tone, so it’s better to talk with a tube exactly to the right ear.

Tip # 4. The area under the nose, a nerve, which is responsible for the function of sneezing. So if you feel want to sneeze — push down slightly with your finger in this area.

Tip # 5. If you have not slept, and you are overcome with the drowsiness — try to do one fairly simple breathing exercise. For this you need to inhale as much air as possible and hold breath for about 10 seconds. In this way you will be able for some time to chase a dream.

Tip # 6. If for any reason you have a bad mood — improve it with a regular pencil. To do this, hold the pencil lightly with their teeth — it will work on the muscles that trigger when we begin to smile. Thus, even artificially, but the mood you will improve.

Tip # 7. If you have a throat there was an itch — scratch the earlobe. In just a few seconds the itch will pass. The reason is that the nerves of the ear and throat are closely linked. Therefore, massaging the ear, we thus treat the throat from itching.

Tip # 8. If you feel heaviness in the stomach due to the fact that you ate more than you can, you need to chew gum. During chewing, the body produces a large amount of saliva that promotes the secretion of gastric juice. For this reason, the food will be digested much faster.

Tip # 9. If for some reason you are experiencing increased tension, try to take his thumb in his mouth and inflate the cheeks. The voltage immediately goes. Experts explain this by the fact that the thumb has a large number of nerve endings, through which impulses.

Tip number 10. To prevent heartburn it is best to lie on your left side. The reason is that the stomach has an indirect form. So if you lie on your left side, the gastric juice cannot get into the esophagus.

Tip # 11. If you are experiencing a headache, try placing your arm to the elbow in cold water. The effect of this will be about the same as from hardening. The fact is that cold water gets the blood flowing, thereby eliminating the headache.

Tip # 12. Chinese doctors advise to press the point located 3 cm from the wrist. This is to allow for a short time to get rid of the feeling of nausea. After pressing this point, you need to massage.

At first glance it seems that these tips are illogical. It would seem, what can there be a connection between the wrist and nausea. However, long-term practice has shown that following these tips really can help. Try it and see for yourself.

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