“It’s a big party in the studio”

«C’est un gros party de studio»

Ariane Moffatt and Étienne Dupuis-Cloutier, alias D R M S, have found the best cure for the blues collective caused by the containment present : music, sun and a vitamin. With their new collaborative project SOMMM, the two artists hope that this “party studio” will become a “party house” for the public.

Pandemic is forcing, it is remote that we had to sit down and talk with Ariane Moffatt and Étienne Dupuis-Cloutier. Each containment, the two artists answered questions from the Journal in a video discussion with three of us on the platform Zoom.

Are you ready for the interview ?

Ariane Moffatt : ” Yes ! You are in direct of your kitchen, Stephen ? ”

Étienne Dupuis-Cloutier : ” As usual ! And you, in the studio ? Wow, this is different ! The last time I saw you in the studio, our tunes were not even mixed. ”

With the pandemic, have you discussed the possibility of deferring the release of the album ?

Ariane : ” The album was not even finished and we saw things get worse… But it was over days at which point the music was a tool that was used to reassure good of the world. This album is so much like spring, full of vitality, positive. We said : let’s go, let’s go ! It’s now or never and we got it with the help of the professionals from Music Video Locations. ”

Stephen : ” We finished the album at a distance with the mixer. It was the first time in my life that I was doing this. At least, we managed to save all the world. It remained me a bit of solo work. But we got there in the end. ”

How would you describe the project SOMMM ?

Stephen : ” It’s a big party in the studio. This is a meeting between Ari and me that was clicked. But it is also done with a lot of employees who came into the studio. ”

Ariane : ” We wanted to make an album of pop completely assumed, in the air of the time. We did call the whole world [LaF, FouKi, Rosie Valland, Maky Lavender, Ruffsound, Clay and Friends, Marie-Pierre Arthur] who are the image of this new generation is so talented and full of freshness. ”

These artists are mostly of a younger generation than you. Y a-t-he sometimes had a clash in the studio ?

Ariane : “We made jokes around it. I said that I was a bit the cougar , which invited the youngsters in his studio (laughs). There were sometimes 20 years difference between us. The little guys of LaF, I would have been able to keep them ! But I have never felt the hand of the person resistance. They were all glad to board. We had all the passion, fire and desire to create. We spoke the same language. ”

Meaning of the name SOMMM ?

Ariane : ” We had finished the song Danger in the past spring and we said that we needed a name for the project. I thought of a short name with the lettering and that could also work well in English as in French. It was in the sum of us and the +1 with the person who was singing. This was the concept of the sum of the parts. A title is not too descriptive, but that fits well with the aesthetics of the musical project. ”

You have met how both of you ?

Stephen : Ariane had composed the music of the theatre piece to the Space Gb The excessiveness of a 32A, and I had been recruited for the musical direction. We had then recorded an EP together. And in 2015, I made the tour of 22h22 with Ariane. ”

The pandemic has forced the shutdown of all the cultural events in Quebec for several months. But once the rallies will be allowed again, do you see SOMMM go on stage ?

Ariane : ” It is sure that it would be fun. Laurent Saulnier, we had already approached when he knew that this existed. He saw how it could make a nice trip of Francos. We will not tour with it, but I think it can be event-driven. It can make a beautiful party. The future will tell us. My tour is finished, I have a lot of time in my calendar. ”

The album SOMMM, made up of Ariane Moffatt and Étienne Dupuis-Cloutier, who is currently on the market.

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