“It’s amazing” denounces Apolline de Malherbe

    “It’s amazing” denounces Apolline de Malherbe

    Foremost is Prime Minister Jean Castex, considered a “contact case” and tested negative but who was placed in solitary confinement for seven days before a second test. His wife Brigitte Macron, who tested negative on Tuesday, “shows no symptoms”, according to his office.

    On RMC, Friday, Apolline de Malherbe said “hoped he will recover quickly” before opening a debate.

    Wednesday evening, a dinner at the Elysee Palace brought together a dozen guests, including Jean Castex, the president of the National Assembly, Richard Ferrand, the boss of LREM, Stanislas Guerini, the head of LREM deputies, Christophe Castaner and François Bayrou , as well as advisers, according to parliamentary sources.

    “Emmanuel Macron positive for coronavirus. The President has no serious symptoms, he is young, has no aggravating factor … We hope he will recover quickly. But the sick President, that’s all the summit of the State which collapses. And we discover a dinner at the Elysée, Wednesday evening, at ten. Ten people at table until midnight, on the first day of the curfew where everyone was in bed at 8pm, ”she explains before RMC’s 6am newspaper.

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    “It does not exist anymore!”

    “Ten at the table and above all, only men! When we take the ten people who must lead France, and who meet at the Elysee Palace, around the President, there is not a woman. There is no longer, today in France, a company, an association, where if we take the ten leading personalities, there is not at least one woman. It no longer exists. Today, when you have a political rally, there is at least one woman. There, in this dinner, there is not a woman. And that does not make them tilt at one point … It’s still astonishing. I’m hallucinating! ” she blurted out.

    While some of these personalities have isolated themselves while awaiting test results, others have indicated that they do not consider themselves to be “contact cases”.

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